All of these 49cc (or 50cc) and 149cc (150cc) scooters are available in a variety of color options. Please contact us for availability. 

49cc scooters are NOT intended for use on roads where the speed limit exceeds 45 miles per hour. We will NOT sell you a 49cc scooter if you intend to use it in a way that is irresponsible. 

ALL scooters that drive on the street are required to have a tag. All scooter operators (even on a 49cc) are required to have a valid driver's license. Don't be mad at us. That's the law. 

Some people call them mopeds. OK. In that case, mopeds in Fort Walton Beach are at Scooter Brothers. We don't sell anything with pedals, though. And you need a driver's license to drive these. 

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