The IceBear MadDog Trike is a fan favorite all across the USA and the world. 

 This scooter is 100% street legal in 49 states except for California. The 50cc has a top speed between 30-40 mph. The 150cc has a top speed between 50-60mph.

It comes equipped with a 50cc or 150 cc air cooled engine, belt drive, front and rear disc brake and comfortable seating and a fully automatic transmission. The Maddog trike features HID lights and a digital speedometer

With a 85 MPG (50cc) capability, you might go weeks without filling up. No need to remember to shift or have fear of stalling since this scooter is fully automatic. Just turn and go!

‚Äč219 Racetrack Road Northwest, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547, USA

50cc MadDog Trike 

MSRP $2750

Scooter Brothers Price $2399.99 (fully assembled and tested)

150cc MadDog Trike

MSRP $3100

Scooter Brothers Price $2699.99 (fully assembled and tested)

Scooter Brothers in Fort Walton Beach, FL is an authorized IceBear dealer. We offer all IceBear scooters, trikes, ATVs and of course, the VERY popular MadDog and MadDog Trike. Plus, we offer them at the LOWEST prices anywhere. And unlike buying one over the internet, ours come to you FULLY assembled and tested.